This was something I inherited when my parents passed. This vase was from my dad’s mother who I believe got it from her mother my great grandmother.

Well I finally took the time to find out about this vase with no marks and no information.

It is from the Gillinder factory :

This vase was made in 1865 the factory opened in 1861 and it is still in business today. I researched the value and it is worth about $200.00. I have enjoyed this vase since I was a little girl and now even more. It has not chips or cracks, it is in mint condition.




So relaxed!

Enzo on a lazy Saturday. He loves to lie here on the couch and look out the window. Today he seems especially relaxed (check out the back legs). This dog is a constant form or entertainment, always happy, always filled with presents to share with us, ie balls that squeak, socks or an occasional kleenex that he will eat if I don’t get it before he does. Love this dog and his joyful personality.