Going to rock this!

Walking has always been something I enjoy. I am taking it to an all time push and doing a 1/2 marathon. We have been training for 6 weeks and are up to record times of 15.22 minute miles going up to 6 miles at a time. This coming week will take it to 8 miles and then next week we will go for 10.

My journey would not be as much fun or as humbling without the person that started this adventure. I met this Special Olympic Athlete last year and since then our journey has come to this event (his idea too) he wants to finish! Not too sure he knows how far he has to walk yet but he is determined to do it and I am so impressed by his tenacity to finish so I’m even more determined to finish with him. Would I have done this on my own? I don’t think so.

We have 13 weeks of training to add to our 6 weeks. This ain’t easy folks but we WILL do this.

Stayed tuned more to follow!